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21st May to 1st June 2024 at 7.30pm

White Bear Theatre

138 Kennington Park Road, London SE11

Written by Ian Dixon Potter

Directed by Phoebe White

Performed by Neil Summerville, Kieron Riddell, Elizabeth Orekoya, John Lutula, Francesca Anderson & Diljohn Singh

Detective Sergeant Dunderdale is on the brink of solving a bloody murder but is there enough evidence to convict Joseph Wade? Dunderdale is determined to secure a conviction by fair means or foul. After all, isn't it acceptable to bend the rules a little if the only alternative is for a dangerous killer to walk free?

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“Summerville succeeds in engaging us. Despite how unlikeable his character is, we cannot help but be drawn in by the actor who truly impresses”

“Lutula conveys so much pain, anger and sadness in this brief but memorable scene that sums up exactly what the play is about”

“Kieron Riddell convinces as he switches between various roles while Elizabeth Orekoya as Wade’s sister is also compelling considering what little stage time she is afforded. Francesca Anderson and Diljohn Singh provide strong support to complete the cast”

“We are left deeply provoked, although sadly not at all surprised by what we have witnessed”

★★★★  Jonathan Marshall for Londontheatre1


“Ian Dixon Potter’s hard hitting play” “Summerville gives an outstanding performance” “It’s alarmingly convincing” “very disturbing” “Lutula makes Wade very believable. He’s a talented actor” “Keiron Riddell is particularly strong” “I particularly admired his voice work”“compelling stuff which forces you to listen in horror”

★★★★ Theatre journalist Susan Elkin


Reviews of an earlier version of the play:


“Authentic and credible. You will want to know how it ends even as you are appalled by the direction the investigation is going”

★★★★ Theatre Monkey


​“Could not have been more timely” “It’s a quite horrifying tale” “Summerville is in top form here creating another monster hiding beneath a cloak of respectability” “Dunderdale is a loathsome and even quite dangerous individual; Summerville’s skill is in making him someone so watchable even as we are repulsed” “a series of short scenes each with more disturbing revelations than the last. The thing is that somehow it all seems so believable.”

​John Chapman (2nd from bottom theatre reviews).



8th April to 20th April 2025 at 7.30pm

White Bear Theatre

138 Kennington Park Road, London SE11

Written by Ian Dixon Potter


A monumental ego and a self seeking ruthlessness have propelled Grossman to the top of his profession. An 'alpha male' in every sense, Grossman surrounds himself with flatterers and sycophants who fear and loathe him.  Knowing his reputation for preying on young female employees, Caroline keeps her distance but an opportunity to advance her career propels her into Grossman's lascivious clutches.


REVIEWS (of an earlier version of the play):​


“Melanie Thompson's easy articulacy is engaging” “Fertile ground for debate in a way similar to Mamet’s “Oleanna” – where the lines and boundaries of morality are a valid subject for heated argument” “To say more would spoil the interest in this piece. Writing and acting are strong.​

★★★★★ (four and a half Stars) Theatre Monkey​


“One might not agree with Caroline’s course of action, but this is a thoughtful and compelling production. ” “An interesting take on what it is to climb the career ladder whilst making compromises along the way to achieve one’s ambitions” “Caroline’s engaging nature certainly helps keep the viewer interested"​

★★★★ London Theatre 1​


“Clearly a comment on the whole #MeToo movement of recent years, this is a tightly scripted and thought provoking piece where the actions and morality of both key characters are called into question. When a tragedy ensues the audience is left wondering to whom the title may refer."

John Chapman '2nd From Bottom' Theatre Reviews

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